Silence Zone

You can enjoy the Heated Lagoon with: Hydrojets at different heights, Swan Neck Fountains, Bubble Beds, Turbo Jets, Waterfall, etc. Hydromassage Tub, Covered water beds, Thalassotherapy Pool (contrast bathing), and Frozen water pool. We also offer Relaxation Areas for resting and hydration, including the offer of teas and/or coffee.



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  • General entrance: 35,00€
  • Senior citizens (over 60): 30,00€
  • Children (from 3 to 14): 24,00€

Entrance permitted from 13.00 to 16.30 and always accompanied by 1 adult.

  • 5 day pass: 140,00€
  • 10 day pass: 220,00€

Passes permit one entrance per day.



· Swimming pool 25 m long and 2.5 wide pool.
· Heated lagoon containing 31ºC-33ºC water.
· Copacati hydromassage 34ºC hydromassage tub.
· Illapa camas envolventes by 28ºC water jets to experience new sensations.
· Inca pools
· 36ºC thalassotherapy pool.
·Kay Pacha Pool to 14ºC coldwater
· 4ºC frozen water Uku Pacha Pool. Highly recommended for muscular recovery.



· Finnish sauna
· Ice fountain
· Bi-thermal showers
·Tropical Rain
·Sequential Shower
· Multisensorial Shower
· Aztec tunnel
· Steam bath